Summary Of Eric Schlosser Fast Food Nation

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Reading Response #3: Detailed Analysis on “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser In the essay “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, Schlosser portrays the attitude of Americans toward fast food and the impact on Americans’ eating fast food. He wants the audience to know how the United States’ food production industries play a role in Americans’ lives. Fast food companies have massive businesses, which causes them to have an effect on the American economy. He depicts the way fast food companies target little children for their business to give them profit. He wants to illustrate to people that the fast food they eat can cause health related problems. He wants people to understand that they should stop eating fast food and should eat homemade food instead, as it is healthier. He wants everyone to have the ability to know and differentiate between good and bad food to help them make a healthy decision while deciding which food to eat. Schlosser wants to show importance to the impact of fast food companies’ food on people’s lives in order to demonstrate that fast food companies aim at children to help generate profit for their…show more content…
Fast food companies should stop targeting kids for their benefits, as kids health is compromised due to the fast food kids eats. People have to be aware of the effects of fast food and people should stop eating fast food to stop the risk of bad health problems. People should eat homemade food to make sure they are not providing bad food to their bodies. People need to know the difference between good and bad food, and the effects of good and bad food which will help them pick healthy food. Schlosser demonstrates fast food as being the food that has negative impacts on people’s lives, and helps give knowledge to people to understand the health related problems due to fast food to help make healthy decision while pick food to provide healthy
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