Summary Of Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

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Throughout Eric Schlosser’s nonfiction book Fast Food Nation, Schlosser criticizes and reveals to the world how the fast food industry has made drastic alterations to America. In addition, he managed to motivate society to start having a healthy life. Before Schlosser draws to a close on his book, he gives his readers hope towards other “fast” food business who succeeded by serving the quality of their food and caring enough about the health of their customers. In Schlosser’s epilogue, he opens up by considering that not all food industries are the same as the previous companies mentioned throughout the book. He explains that Dale Lasater, owner of the ranch Lasater, in Matheson, Colorado, is indeed different from other food productions because he does not use chemicals to enhance the growth of his cattle, instead he lets nature be in charge. As Schlosser states, “The Lasaters are by no means typical, but have worked hard to change how American beef is produced”(Schlosser 255). Through this example, he emphasizes his point on how there is food productions that are loyal to their customers and are concerned about their health. The Lasaters are proof of being a loyal production involved on turning the tables and help make a change towards America’s fast food industry system. However, Schlosser further criticizes the government on being involved in the…show more content…
According to him, “People who smoke crack know the potential dangers; most people who eat hamburgers don’t”(Schlosser 264). He juxtaposes the example of a drug user and their understanding of the risks associated with their consumption to a fast food consumer . By Schlosser having sympathy towards the audience, he seems to be credible to society that it is not their fault of getting ill through the fast food they consume as well as the diverse problems that the fast food industry has
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