Johnny Curtain Book Report

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Johnny Tremain Paper
By: Jules Woodward

When Johnny Tremain was written in 1943, thousands of U.S. servicemen and women had already died in World War II, and unfortunately thousands more would die by the time the war ended in 1945. If the book was published in the middle of World War II, when the United States and Great Britain were allies, why would Esther Forbes release a book about the American Revolution when America and Great Britain were at a disagreement and eventually were at war? I think there are multiple reasons why she could have done this, but the prominent one to me is that one of the messages I saw in this book, was a thought of “Instead of hating Great Britain, remember that we wouldn’t be who we are today without them, even if we did have to break away from them.”
Johnny Tremain is a reminder about how close the U.S and U.K really are. Therefore, Forbes makes it clear that England is not the real enemy—the real enemy I saw is any government that threatens the liberty of it’s people, or just doesn’t stand up for them.
Forbes wrote Johnny Tremain, just after Pearl Harbor was attacked. She noticed how these high school students who were about to drop out
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Now, as his entire life is thrown away, he has to find a new job. Not only does this handicap force him to think about his identity and his personality. If he had been more humble in the beginning, Dove wouldn’t have found it necessary to play a prank on him to have him become more humble. Slowly but surely, Johnny’s self-pride transforms into pride for his country. Once Johnny fully overcomes his psychological handicap, a new opportunity comes for him to heal his physical handicap as well. After Rab passes away Johnny is confident enough to finally show his hand to Doctor Warren and allows the Doctor to examine and operate on his injured
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