Working At Mcdonalds By Etizioni Analysis

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In essay ‘Working at McDonalds” Etizioni has expressed his concerns about a great number of teenagers who are working at fast food restaurants like McDonalds. He has tried to emphasize that this job is supposed to be a part time job for the teenagers but ever since they have started believing that working at this place is satisfactory it has made them lose interest in their education. Fast food industries are training employees who work like robots who by the way only take orders. The learning experience is equal to zero when you work at McDonalds. Working here is not only about serving food. McDonalds and other fast food restaurants like this stay open till late at night and once they close they need to clean as well. He considers working at McDonalds as child labor.
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They start spending that money on a lot of things except for anything educational which is a very alarming situation for them and for their parents as well. Their parents need to know how they are spending that money and how they should be sending that money. Most of the time the only reason why teenagers start working is because they want to save money for their college studies. Studies revealed that teenagers have considered working here as a great learning experience for them but the writer has completely ignored that aspect as well. According to him, most teens working at places like McDonalds is not provoking sense of responsibility instead it is giving them a shortcut to avoid studies and start earning with little or no education at all. Everything leads to them giving a reason to escape school. He has only focused as these jobs are part time work the teenagers do only for mere distraction which was never the goal in the first place. Their learning experience and chance of flourishing with an excellent educational background are greatly
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