Preaching The Presence Of God Analysis

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Native Korean, Eujoo Mary Kim, invites readers into a greater depth of understanding the Asian American church tradition in her book Preaching the Presence of God. There she expresses a rich history of the Asian community, largely focusing on the histories of China, Korea, and Japan. One aspect of the Asian American tradition arising from the text which offers understanding for readers from other traditions is the corporate personality. While Asian American have vastly diverse journeys to America, there is shared history and sentiments as ethnic minorities. From these shared experiences, the community as a whole can hope for a shared and united future full of God's promises. Preaching within this context poses opportunities to describe God's grace throughout the shared faith journey while proclaiming the Word of God. The second aspect of about the Asian American tradition derived from the text is the influence of ancient religions such as Confucianism, Buddhism, and shamanism. These religions are evident in the cultural ethos and religious practices among Asian Americans. Being aware of the impact these religions have made in the formation of the…show more content…
Both the Asian American and the African American traditions regard the Bible as a spiritual manual. The two tradition find the Bible to be authoritative for the spiritual life of the congregations. Though similar at this point, there is discord in arriving at this result. The Asian American tradition views the Bible in the manner of which they had guides that offered a direction while participating in other tradition. Whereas in the African American tradition, the Bible was largely read to them as a story of hope when they were illiterate and in bondage. Because many African American had no understanding an alternative religion or option of faith, the Bible became their way to a better

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