Summary Of Fahrenheit 451 Dialectical Journal

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“It 's impossible for men to direct the winds, all we can do is adjust the sail. Now fetch me more ale.” - Captain Lightfang Their hoarse cries reverberated through his frail frame, the stench of alcohol permeated his senses, and the dagger in his foot? Well it just penetrated his foot. This would mark the first of Jag’s memories, which were not of a faithful family or a fair father, but rather of pain and awe. Awe for the wonders of life and how they could give birth to the grotesque creature that lie before him. Now it would not be a much of an insult to call Captain Lightfang ugly, with a missing ear, misshapen head and beard the size of his ego, Captain Lightning 's face could easily be described as hell by those with no imagination. And it was this repulsive seademon that the young Jag had now come…show more content…
He ripped the dagger clean out of his flesh and swung it wildly at the ugly, fat man. After some “friendly discussions” between Jag, the Captain and the floor board with an odd Jag shaped dent, Jag would come to “accept” the terms of living on the ship, the S.S. Crestfalls. Time would pass, month would turn into years and Jag slowly grew under the watchful eyes of Lightfang. Though these memories are just a mixed of hard work, getting the living shit kicked out of him and more hard work, there are some fond memories of Lightfang. These came in the form of the stories that Lightfang would tell. Typically, anything that passed through Lightfang’s maw meant trouble, but these were different. These stories weren’t about a drunken sailor fighting off crabs for ale, but rather of heroic humans protecting the weak and earning the praise of his peers, which was unheard of Jag’s hectic life. Slowly these stories shaped Jag, and when the time finally came that the Captain passed away, Jag knew what he wanted to do with his life. He would become a
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