Fahrenheit 451 Fanfiction Analysis

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“Nam qui dabat olim / imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se / continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, panem et circenses” - Juvenal Smoke rose from citizens’ homes and workplaces, wisps of darkness floating higher and higher in the sky like the souls of the dead, signals to spread the destruction that had occurred only a few days ago. Bloodied bodies, dead and alive, lay there too. In their inaction - the anticipation that followed shock - they seemed to be spectators, stunned after a cacophony of destruction, played by an orchestra controlled by some far away conductor. Yet they themselves seemed to play music, mindless buzzing as their not-so-empty heads attempted to filter their surroundings and figure out what had happened to…show more content…
This was mainly for two reasons: 1. I have missed creative writing, so I wanted to try my hand at it once again. I also wanted to get used to planning stories to their end, since my main problem is that I never plan them and thus never finish them. 2. I thought the best way for me to convey what I thought of Fahrenheit 451, what it meant to me, and what I would have liked for it to include, would be to write a sequel and explore the result of events such as those in the story. A theme I wanted to show which is apparent in the scene I wrote was consequences: I wanted to show the consequences to a disaster through descriptions of the destroyed city. I wanted to show the consequences of a way of life like that of the citizens in the city through a character like Sable, who is very passive, particularly in comparison to Montag (the first scenes of the two stories are meant to complement each other somewhat) - she does not even move until someone comes to get her (less apparent in the scene but more in the actual story is how Sable and especially her friend Lucy are disconnected from the reality of the world around them, and they learn to reconnect - Lucy somehow learns faster). Other themes I wanted to explore but that were not apparent in the scene I wrote were change (not necessarily ‘good’), moving on, meaninglessness, the ability to understand, mindfulness of others, the loneliness of all beings, and the importance friendship or relationships. Symbols, metaphors, and other figurative language I used in the text I wrote are smoke, fire, music/concert, a statue, rubble, and a daffodil. The smoke is compared to the souls of the dead, because it is the remains of what has been destroyed going up into the sky. Also, the smoke is compared to a signal, because it is something that shows the destruction just

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