Summary Of Fallen Angels By Walter Dean Myers

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In the book Fallen ANgels by Walter Dean Myers, the story follows young men soldiers who fight in the Vietnam War. Perry and Peewee who are from New York and Chicago, respectively. The only reason for Perry going to Vietnam just because of paperwork mistakes. A knee injury has left him unfit for combat duty. Peewee joins in the army so that the treatments are as same as other people. Based on my own experience, I also need hope to be brave when I make a decision to go abroad. My statement is that it is obvious in the Fallen Angels, and in my own experience that hope is an important quality because hope helps individuals have a strong heart to face everything.

Perry shows the need for hope, when he arrives in Nam starting his new life in unfamiliar country. While in basic training, he injuries his knee playing …show more content…

Perry asks the captain, that does he notice his medical profile. He says he does not see anything that Perry should go to his company commander, mention his profile to him. He needs hope to stay in Vietnam with his wounded knee, because the attitude of the officer is unconcerned and does not give him a reasonable excuse. Perry should be hopeful so that he can have a strong heart to face his medical profile. Perry represents the need for hope, when he realizes that the actual situation in the army. When perry is on the patrol, the Lieutenant lets them always in front of the dangerous position. One night, Perry, Peewee and Jenkins go on night patrol with their squad. Just as they are returning their camp, Jenkins steps on a land mine, and is killed. Perry feels regrettable about this accident because he knows that his squad commander forces Jenkin going in front of the frontline. Being hopeful, probably is the best way for Perry to face Jenkins’s death and have a strong heart to continue his rest of army's life.What’s more, Perry shows the desire of hope,

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