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Fast food nation: The Dark side of the All-American meal. Eric Schlosser Author of fast food nation the Dark side of the All-American meal introduces the book to the readers as a book about the horrors of fast food. Schlosser tell us how horrible the fast food industry is and the truth about what is happening in the food industry and also what is happing to our world. Schlosser has many good points about how our world revolves around fast food and how unhealthy it is for us. This book opens up your mind to avoiding fast food more often. The argument Schlosser is making is that big companies like McDonalds are expanding every day also that the meat packing industries and slaughterhouses are unsafe working conditions for employees and they are treated unfairly. This essay will reflect Schlosser’s main argument and main points he made. Schlosser started off talking about how the fast business started and who all started it. In the book Schlosser talked about CARL N. KARCHER one of the fast food industry’s pioneers.” When Carl heard that a hot dog cart was for sale he decided to buy it — on Florence Avenue across from the Goodyear factory” Schlosser . Schlosser told the readers how Carl moved from …show more content…

“But their health benefits were illusory. A chemical analysis of McNuggets by a researcher at Harvard Medical School found that their “fatty acid profile” more closely resembled beef than poultry. They were cooked in beef tallow, like McDonald’s fries. The chain soon switched to vegetable oil, adding “beef extract” to Nuggets during the manufacturing process in order to retain their familiar taste .Today Chicken Nuggets are wildly popular among young children — and contain twice as much fat per ounce as a hamburger. The McNugget helped change not only the American diet but also its system for raising and processing poultry” according to Schlosser. The American diet does not fit in with the fast food

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