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“Fatima is Fatima” is written by Ali Shariati and it has been translated by Laleh Bakhtiar. In his writing, Shariati develops the concept of social justice. Basically, Shariati begins with the social customs of the Arabian peninsula before the birth of Fatima and then she goes on to further compute the honors that Islam has granted upon women, especially upon Fatima.
The treatise is all about the biography of Fatima. I am so amazed that Shariati is able to tell us in his writing about the whole story from the birth till the death of Fatima. I used to found the biography of the Prophets and His Companions but the biography of Prophet’s children is rarely found. Before I read the book, the only thing that I know about Fatima is that she is the beloved daughter of the Prophet and is detested by Aiesha; the wife of the Prophet after Khadijah’s death and the daughter of Abu Bakar, the first of the Orthodoxs Caliphs.
Surprisingly, after I’ve read the book, I just realized the real life story about Fatima. Fatima is the fourth and the youngest daughter of the prophet in Islam. She is the youngest daughter of the household to which no sons is survived. She is a girl born into a society when both the parents and the family put special value upon a son. In other words, Fatima was born into the family when the family is really expecting a boy to be born after the death of Fatima’s brothers, Qasem and Abdullah when they were infants. At that time, being a boy is by and of itself of

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