Summary Of Feminism In Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In

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Feminism is certainly not a new word that has suddenly popped up with Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. It is a concept that has been trailing on for decades. According to Sandberg, feminism is the equality between men and women such that there is advancement of women’s’ rights and their societal position so as to even the playing field for both genders. However, Bell Hooks argues that this description is too simple and was long ago challenged by visionary feminist thinkers, in particular women of color. “These thinkers insisted that everyone acknowledge and understand the myriad ways race, class, sexuality, and many other aspects of identity and difference make explicit that was never and is no simple homogenous gendered identity that we could call women struggling to be equal with men” (Hooks and Bell 673).According to Hooks and Bell, feminism is all about putting an end to sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. Bell therefore offers a more elaborate explanation proving that she is a true feminist. In her book, Sandberg encourages women to take a risk and change their mentally to better their lives. For far too long, they have put themselves at second place and let men take the lead as they have assumed their role in society to be that of supporters of their male counterparts. She provides…show more content…
Even though there have been many gains in women’s’ freedom, the fact still remains that biasness based on gender happen to be the norm throughout the society (Hooks and Bell 642). Hooks points out that Sandberg has offered no insight on what men should do in order to do away with sexist thinking as this mentality is the cause of most problems feminists are fighting against. Sandberg is not offering any new ideas, but she is taking old and preexisting ones and gives them a twist (Sandberg and

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