Summary Of Fight For Women's Rights By Katha Pollitt

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Fight for Women’s Rights Book Review of Katha Pollitt’s book PRO: reclaiming abortion rights. Katha Pollitt does not hesitate in voicing her sarcasm, critique opinions, and resourceful facts in the book PRO: RECLAIMING ABORTION RIGHTS; With A New Twist. Pollitt identifies with reshaping abortion views into a normal reproductive life with women and centralizing women in the reproductive decision process. The book is designed into talking to the “muddled middle”, who is a group of people who do not have a significant stance on the issue and informing them with facts on both sides of the abortion debate followed with primary and secondary sources for evidence. Because Katha Pollitt is a poet, essayist, and a journalist for The Nation, the reader can witness Pollitt’s passion dripping from the pages through each chapter, having her side comments and questions to keep the reader always intrigue, and having the secondary sources of…show more content…
Katha’s main theme that voices throughout the book is the urge for reclaiming women’s power to their reproductive rights, arguing that it is not just abortion, pregnancy, or birth control that women deserve to have rights over, but also Pollitt states, “(it is) about poverty and violence and family troubles, about sexual shyness and shame and ignorance and the lack of power so many women experience in bed and in their relationships with men.” (p.17). The discussion on abortion is never an easy one, but throughout Pollitt’s novel she tackles claims made by abortion opponents and uses a variety of sources such as data and quotes from oppositions to emphasize their idiocy. Trying to find a solution to help women’s reproductive rights be more functional within
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