Summary Of Figurative Language In Night By Elie Wiesel

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In pages eight-five to one hundred-three, several events happened. There was another selection. This time, Eliezer and his father were split up, Eliezer in the healthy line, and Father in the not healthy line. Luckily, Eliezer case enough comotion to get Father to his line. After this, all of the healthy people were put into cattle cars with no roof. This caused many people to die because all of the wind and snow could still get to them. Finally, the passengers arrived in the next camp, Buchenwald.

I found two ewamples of figurative language in this section. On page eighty-six, there is a hyperbole. "My stomach is bursting..." This was when Zalman was having stomach cramps. This is a hyperbole because his stomach wasn't actually bursting.
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