Summary Of Final Rhosita By CI López's 'Rosita'

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Final Rosita

By CI López

Rosita was Kuna Indians, born in the plains of Panama, near the Colombian border. An orphan living with her aunt in a mainly matriarchal society, where the women raise the children and rule the household. These Indians are known for their exotic beauty, humility, and strength. They are prized as workers in the cities. It is not uncommon for city families to seek out a young Kuna girl to train her as a servant in their home in exchange for food, shelter, and a modicum of education. This is the story of Rosita. It is the story of a culture that values rigid, strict upbringing and extols education.

ROSITA (working title) The Secret?

The pain became more intense, moving up the back and reaching the belly, then extending all over the body, twisting the tendons and bones. It deepened to the entrails, lengthening and prolonging.

Eight Years Earlier

Rosita was six years old when she started working in the kitchen of the Garcia family, attending to the cleaning of the house, the washing and ironing of the family’s clothes, in addition to the care of their five children.

A father and mother 's orphan, with only a humble aunt to care for her. The poor peasant aunt had brought her to the village to offer her as a servant to a generous family, because she could not afford to feed the child in her extreme poverty.

The compassionate Garcia family decided to take over the orphan. They took her home, fed her, and made her go to
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