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Violence doesn’t always lead to bad things. Fist,Stick,Knife,Gun by Geoffrey Canada is about how violence in South Bronx, New York. It tells us how violence had became more deadly and dangerous in New York and how he had to deal with it. Soon he became aware of it and decided to help make a change in his community. Geoffrey Canada’s main message for the story is that the effects of violence on someone’s life can influence them to make change in their community. Most people become mindful of violence at young age. Geoff had been experienced with violence a lot. “I was probably four when I first became aware of violence.” (pg. 3) Geoff was introduced to violence when he was four. With him being introduced to violence as such a young age, it helped him know more about the violence to help stop it and make a difference. Even young people other than Geoff have to deal with violence and even other things. “When dealing with the issue of young people and violence in our country, it’s clear that we can’t separate violence that plague our youth: educational failure,…show more content…
In Geoff’s life he had experienced many occurrences with violence even death. “Late August saw a sixteen-year-old mother accidentally shot by a thirteen-year-old boy.” [pg. vii (prologue)] Geoff had experienced a lot of violence even seeing death happen. With bad things like that happen he decided he wanted to make a change in his community. Violence in New York and all over had gotten worse, Geoff had experienced it getting worse as he lived in the South Bronx. “While violence has been a factor in our slums and ghettos for decades, never has it been so deadly.” (pg. 89) Even though violence has been around for a while Geoff had noticed that it had gotten more deadly with kids being able to have access to guns and knifes, with that he wanted to help make sure it didn’t get even more
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