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4365 Policy Book Report on Five Days at Memorial The book Five Days at Memorial, written by Sheri Fink illustrates the catastrophic impact of hurricane Katrina and its unprepared poor choices made by doctors who injected patients that ended their life, and the petrify stories of individuals that took place in New Orleans in August of 2005. After a couple of months in 2005 Memorial Center was under investigation for an estimate of two thousand patients that were in danger and other patients who died because of the horrific storm that struck that night. New Orleans, had to make the hardest decision in who in the hospital gets to evacuate first after the generators and the power failed. New Orleans, being one of the small towns …show more content…

Sense streets where flooding the ambulance couldn’t transport patients. Therefore, they had to get helicopters to take patients out the hospital. The helicopters didn’t have a lot of space so they could only transport two, three patients at a time. Since it was a hurricane a lot of employees left the city or couldn’t make it to the hospital due to the storm. Memorial Center had a low number of employees working for an estimate of two thousand patients. A major issue at that moment was that medicine was in the basement or at least located in the lower floors. Without medicine those that were sicker were in danger. More and more problems arouse and they didn’t know what could happen within the next few …show more content…

With unnecessary care, they did not provided safety because not all patients were in a safe care. They did not provide effective or efficient care for the fact that they were not organized in how to evacuate all patients, how to handle a dangerous situation like this and nor did they have an effective procedure for everyone in the hospital. Doctors performed an illegal procedure in which caused Life-care patient to die due to fear. Although they tried to evacuate everyone in a timely matter they failed to complete it. That choice that Dr. Pou and her team made was a misunderstanding for many yet failed to achieve patient centered because patients were not consent to the fact that they were getting put to die. Doctors did not consider that individuals, patients in the hospital could make it through even if the storm struck

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