Summary Of Forever: Parody Of Little Miss Muffet

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Once Was Never, Now is Forever Parody of Little Miss Muffet Once upon a time, across the rolling hills of Deming Washington, in the far off shady woods lived a lanky, bright eyed, long chocolate haired young girl named Little Miss Muffet. She had built herself a beautiful tree house where she hoped no one could find her. She was escaping her crazy house of 8 siblings, where she was ignored. Miss Muffet decided that she was better off in the deep woods of about 184,657 trees (she often gets bored and has attempted to count them). One abnormally odd day, Little Miss Muffet was thinking she would go out and find a rock to eat her unique lunch on. She was thinking she would keep her streaks on Snapchat and then maybe take a little…show more content…
“Please excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom,” Little Miss Muffet announced. “You are excused,” the spider replied. Perfect timing, when she’s in the bathroom I can put my poison in her soup! The spider thought. “I’m back!” Little Miss Muffet sang. “Wow, this soup is good!” the spider proclaimed. “Thank you!” Little Miss Muffet mentioned. “Mine tastes a little different,” Little Miss Muffet blurted. “I wonder why?” the spider questioned. Little Miss Muffet started to say “Woah, now I’m dizzzz…” Little Miss Muffet collapsed and hit her head. She woke up in the hospital bed the next day, listening to the heart rate monitor beep. Shortly before she transitioned into the afterlife, she wondered how all of this had happened to her. Surely the spider had nothing to do with any of it. He was, after all, her best friend. The spider was hoping she would have died in her house so he wouldn't get in trouble. Realizing that she was still alive and might make the connection he scampered off into the woods, prowling for his next victim. So if you’re sitting in the woods and a friendly spider sits down beside

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