Summary Of Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation By Joseph Elis

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8 August 2016
Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph Elis
The American Revolution was unique as the extraordinarily resilient men shaped the future of America, despite circumstances such as their stance in lower classes. The environment of the colonies allowed them to achieve high reputations from sheer intellect and exceptional character, and ultimately achieve the seemingly impossible: breaking free from Great Britain and unifying the colonies. Questions about the republic?s survival, the American people rioting, and the colonies being unfamiliar arose, and these issues provided the new government with discussions that would soon establish the founding fathers? role in the new American government.
Chapter One: The Duel
The most famous American duel occurred on July 11, 1804, between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and it displayed the first and only act of bloodshed amongst the founding fathers prior to the Civil War. Burr was Thomas Jefferson?s Vice President, and General Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury. Although Hamilton desired to solve issues with peace, the two dueled. Hamilton?s plan to
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The two flourished a strong bond, but as they became increasingly involved in politics, they could no longer maintain their friendship.With Adam?s wife Abigail as his best collaborator and with Jefferson?s best collaborator being Madison, Adams won the election as many voted based on the candidates? role in the revolution as oppose to their political beliefs. The gap between the Federalists and the Republicans widened during Adam?s time in office, and he soon found himself caught in the midst of these
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