Summary Of Frank Peretti's Tombs Of Anak

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Summary: Tombs of Anak is a third / first person Book written by Frank Peretti. It is about a man named Dr. cooper and his two children discovering an ancient tomb. They are in south east asia looking for clues and evidence about an old worship monument. Meanwhile they find a large hole in the ground that wasn 't there before. Jerry, a scientist and a tag along decided he would venture into the chasm. After lowering him down they hear screaming and the line holding Jerry is cut. After the line was cut they heard someone or something singing an eerie tune. All of them call for jerry and eventually go to seek help in a nearby town. As soon as they told the locals where jerry was lost they all told them they would never see Jerry again.…show more content…
Dr. cooper goes into the local city and buys ammunition for everyone 's rifles and pistols. They are all in a tent getting ready and they decide they should sleep, but wake up at dawn to attack. In their sleep, Ben arba is taken. Waking up to find this only aggravated them more. They have already taken one friend, No more! They all take their positions and attack. Gunfire is everywhere and the locals have no chance with their bows and arrows. Slowly making their way up the valley to the tomb entrance, Dr. cooper is hit with an arrow in the shoulder. Still pushing on, they regroup behind a large boulder. They reload and fight into the tomb and shut the doors behind them. Standing there in full armor are the guards they met before. Dr. cooper motioned the group to line up. And shot the bejesus out of them. Finally Ha Rapha comes out. To their surprise he is just a child no older than 13. They take the small Ha rapha and turn him into the locals. Deeper in the tomb they find Ben Arba and Jerry. Done… Difficult words hooting - To yell or Shout at someone. Ben Arba says “It was impossible for us to sleep with all the Hooting from the locals”. Page 46 Rugged - Torn or dirty. Frank peretti makes a statement? “Finding Jerry and Ben Arba In their rugged condition was incredibly disheartening”. Seized- To be taken in or captured. Frank makes yet another statement. “Reaching his hand out, The…show more content…
Cooper”. I find this important because she had all the power and kill them all in cold blood. But she didn’t and gave them a chance.. She probably regretted this after they bombarded the tomb. Theme I don 't think there was a theme in this Book. It was more for entertainment purposes only. Character Dr. Cooper is who i chose. He is brave and courageous. Rushing into that tomb with guns a blazing takes some serious guts to accomplish. I also like his adventurous side, Like adventuring further into the tomb just to learn more even more, though he knew how dangerous it was Evaluation I was pretty disappointed by this book. Hardly any action. I have read a lot of books by frank peretti and he usually like to write horror books. I guess that was what i was hoping to find in this book. I like adventure book. Don 't get me wrong, They 're awesome. I was just hoping for horror. It was decent all
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