Summary Of Frank Romero's Painting 'Going To The Olympics'

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In Frank Romero's painting "Going to the Olympics, 1984" it shows what L.A. is really is about. Frank Romero's focus is to show others how Los Angeles is being represented, showing the automobiles, hearts, palm trees & etc. He has little images that depict L.A. but they mean much to those who live in the city. My opinion on his mural is he shows what passion for your city really is about. The artist of the mural is Frank Romero. Frank Romero was born in 1941 and he painted 15 murals around the city of Los Angeles. He studied here locally most of his most important work are in Los Angeles city museums. Romero has had many works, but unlike "Going To The Olympics" it was an important piece of art. Frank painted the mural in 1984 overlooking the Hollywood freeway. Romero was known as a noted artist and a pioneering Chicano artist. "Going To The Olympics" was a mural that was 102 feet long and 20 feet high.Frank Romero used bright pastel colors and a combination of different objects in the background. Romero is also a very well known artist internationally and he had a style in which he used to do his paintings, especially like this one. What Frank Romero tries to do in this mural is show others who do not live in the city what Los Angeles is known for. But at the time, the painting was used for the Olympics, so…show more content…
But there are taggers who go to the mural and write over it. Romero himself would go and paint it over, but then again taggers would come in and mess things up again. What the City of Los Angeles had done was cover up the painting itself without letting Romero know. When he showed up to where the mural was supposed to be it was covered up. They covered the mural up with concrete like material, but they never removed the painting from underneath. Frank had been upset with the city because they never let him know about the cover so he had done everything to get the painting back to what it
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