Victor Frankenstein Human

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In the book Victor Frankenstein created a creature that he brought back from the dead. Like if he was born again. Since that Victor has been feeling guilty of his creation. In the book Gris Grimley's Frankenstein Victor created a creature in a lab and right after left it to be alone, because he feared what he had created. Then right after that the creature had to figure out how the world works with no help like if he was a newborn baby. The creature wonders through the woods all alone and scared but he had encounter somethings while he was wondering around. Not only that but he is set to figure out his way around with no one to help. Also, if he goes up to someone they would feared him because of his appearance and would want to kill him. So, I think that the creature is human. Victor didn't create a monster he created a human because he has the emotions of a human. The creature had felt a warm feeling before. When he was in the wood he…show more content…
I mean it might be true that he has a tail and is not supposed to be built as a human yet again he does act like a human. Like people might argue that he has a tail and is too tall to be a human. But that doesn't mean anything. For instance, this world has had someone taller than the creature before. The creature was only 8 feet. The tallest person in the world was 8 feet and 11inches. His name was Robert Pershing Wadlow. People who disagree with the creature being a human will also say that he murders people so that makes him a monster or animal. That still could make him human because many people have evil in them and there might be things that could set people off to do something bad. What I am saying is that killing is not good but also people have killed before and they are still consider human. So how doesn't that make the creature human. So yes, even though you may disagree with me I still believe that the creature is
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