Catherine Barkley Character Analysis

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At the beginning of the novel, Frederic Henry arranges a tour to Italy during the world war one. When he returns to the front, he meets Catherine Barkley; she is a British nurse at the British hospital. However, the recent death of Catherine`s old fiancé affected her deeply that she will settle for the illusion of it. Catherine pretended to love Henry that awakens a desire for emotional interaction in Henry, the war has left coolly detached and numb.
The main characters of the novel are Frederic Henty and Catherine Barkley. The male protagonist and narrator of the novel is Frederic Henry, he is American, and he is under twenty-five. He volunteered to serve with an Italian ambulance during the World War once. He enjoys drinking and trying to
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She is an English nurse who fell in love with Frederic Henry. She is exceptionally beautiful. At the beginning of the novel Catherine`s grief for her dead fiance changed her thoughts about war. When she meets Frederic Henry she gives herself freely to him. During the novel, we get to know that Catherine is very afraid of the rain, but why? Wait, isn’t rain a symbol of rebirth, springtime, and cozy lovers snuggling? Yes. In page (19.123) “It`s very hard on loving. (19.137) “I`m afraid of the rain because sometimes I see me dead in it” “And sometimes I see you dead in it” that explains everything, in my opinion I think that Catherine is afraid of the rain maybe because when her fiance died during the war. The weather was raining. She thinks it’s hard to love again and she sees Frederic dead in it. She is afraid that death is ported in every love she…show more content…
Let`s start with the first one which is love. I found that love is very dangerous in A Farewell to Arms. In the middle of a war zone anyone can die at any moment, breaking the hearts id the loved once left behind. The novels in the characters risk it all, to be good lovers of humankind. Like anyone else, they make mistakes. But as long as they have breath inside their bodies, they keep on trying to love even through the hard times. However, before all of this, Catherine knew that Henry was playing on her. She told him that “You don`t have to pretend you love me.” “But I do love you”. These paragraphs awaken feelings inside of Henry and that`s the part when their love begins to grow stronger. Moving on to the next them which is Courage. The characters our bravery to the limits as they try to do the right the right things in a world breaking apart before their eyes under the pressures of war. They even try to find love and happiness through the very bad times. In my opinion, I found that Catherine is the bravest and independent person in the novel because while she was pregnant she traveled to the foreign country to help take care of wounded men.
Lastly, In my opinion I think that the Arthur Ernest Hemingway was shocked by the war, That`s why he tries to cover its reality in his book “A Farewell To Arms.” He shows us all the negative aspects of the war, trying to make the reader shocked, as well. Also for covering his message, he uses
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