Francine Pascal's The War Between The Twins

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The War between the Twins
By: Francine Pascal’s

Introduction Francine Pascal is an American author best known for creating the Sweet Valley High Series, and one of world’s most popular fiction writers for teenagers. One of her story of the Sweet Valley Series is The War between the Twins. The main characters are Jessica Wakefield and Elizabeth Wakefield is equally popular. They described as having long golden hair, blue-green eyes, a tan, and a dimple on the cheek. Jessica Wakefield is a member of Unicorns Club, a club consisting of the prettiest and most popular girls at their school. And Elizabeth Wakefield is the elder twin of Jessica; she enjoys reading and writing and hopes to become a journalist someday. She writes
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But when Elizabeth has to take Jessica’s article out at the last minute, Jessica is furious! Jessica and other member of Unicorns decide to teach Elizabeth a lesson by starting their own paper. The unicorn news, before long, it’s clear that Sweet Valley Middle School isn’t big enough for two newspapers, and Jessica’s begins to take the lead. Will Elizabeth’s beloved Sixer be able to hold its own against the sensational news that the unicorns print. The Unicorn Club decide to make their own newspaper. The war and the war between the twins are on! The Unicorns are trying to make their newspaper better than the sixers. Unicorns say that “It will be much better than the Sixers!” The unicorns smiled. Unicorns also decide it will be printed on purple paper and it will blow the sixers away. The Unicorns think first what to call it. The suggested, hoof prints, and others. It’s also called Middle School News. The Unicorn they have a meeting about election, and Jessica is the second in command to the editor- in -chief. The girls write mostly inane articles; including one about an upcoming school dance they’re in charge of organizing. Lila’s supposed to book a band, since she thinks her uncle can use his connections in the music industry to get one. She writers in the article that a special mystery acts will perform. Mary has to type everything up. No one other than Jessica is interested in actually
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