Summary Of Gary Paulsen's Stop The Sun

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According to PTSD statistics, every year, 24.4 million people get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD. Terry Erickson's father suffers from the PTSD. His father was very closed up about the topic until Terry asked him to explain. After his father opened up to him, Terry learned that he should not be ashamed or embarrassed to be around him. Gary Paulsen successfully showcased the causes, symptoms, and treatments of PTSD in his short story Stop the Sun.

Terry Erickson’s father was in the Vietnam War. He not only witnessed but also experienced many traumatic experiences and loses. Terry’s father was the only soldier to live out of 54 other men. There are a lot of causes for PTSD but the most common cause is being a soldier from war. In the war, Terry’s father witnessed all of the other soldiers deaths. Being the only man left, he hid under a dead soldiers body to live the night. (54) PTSD is caused by any trauma that could be life threatening. Not only being apart of a traumatic experience, witnessing an event could also cause PTSD.

Not everyone diagnosed with PTSD have ongoing symptoms. Some may have acute symptoms but other might have chronic symptoms. Someone with PTSD may feel threatened or frightened when they are not in danger. On page … Terry and his father went to the hardware to finish some
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Like Terry Erikson’s dad in Stop the Sun, people who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder need support and assistance from others. PTSD is a serious issue with not only veterans of war and war combat, but also everyday citizens in America, for even traumatic events like car accidents and local crime can change a person’s life forever. PTSD can present itself in many different ways. Some may include depression, bad dreams, and frightening thoughts. Any symptoms can be diminished or even cured from medication or
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