Summary Of Gatto's Fourth Lesson

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Gatto became a schoolteacher because according to him he had nothing better to do, he is an English teacher but he says the he doesn’t only teach English; he teaches school. His students learn seven lessons for life and they are things that can easily be criticized by others who do not understand them and make assumptions. The first is the lesson of Confusion. There is a lack of connection between the curriculum that students are taught and it’s just thrown at them. It causes great confusion in the minds of the kids. The second Lesson is the lesson of Class Position and how they must stay in the same class and not try to change. Indifference is the third, he would get his students totally involved and consumed by the lesson of the day. His rule was that when the bell rang he demanded everyone to drop what they’re doing and continue on to their next class and forgetting what happened in the lesson.…show more content…
He uses the example that students ask to leave class to go text someone in the hall and he know when they lie to him about needing to use the restroom. He still allows them to go because then they have to depend on him for any freedom that they are given. Lesson number five is an Intellectual dependency, it is to wait for the decision or choice from an expert to go off of instead of trying to go on your own. Provisional Self-Esteem is the sixth lesson the kids learn from Gatto. Kids are taught from a young age that they are loved no matter what and Gatto tries to correct these misconceptions by teaching that self respect should come from the judgments of others. The last lesson that he talks about is the One Can’t Hide. The idea behind this lesson is that we are always being watched and to be careful about trust in
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