Summary Of George Orwell's Animal Farm

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George Orwell’s Animal Farm is based on ties and critique of the Russian Revolution. It revolves around the events during the communist era as an animal farm. Throughout the book, events that lead from control to freedom and then back to ultimately, control. The goal of the animals is to have a free democracy; only to have a communist outcome. George Orwell’s story starts with an award­winning pig named Old Major. Old Major is very old and is aware of his inevitable death. Before he dies, he has a very important message to relay to all the other farm animals. Since he speaks of wisdom every blue moon, all the animals come to attend his speech. As soon as all the animals gather around, Old Major starts his speech. He tells the tale of his dreams and says that animals are meant to be free. They work all day only to have their resources taken away by their farm owner, Mr. Jones. Old Major’s speech revolves around taking their own freedom and that every animal, big or small, is equal. Old Major teaches them a song called “Beasts of England” which revolves around the freedom they all aim for. The animals go back to sleep after the speech ends. Old Major dies three days later. Because the pigs are the smartest animals, they take the lead in the revolution towards freedom. There are two main pigs that are leaders, Snowball (white) and Napoleon (black). One day as the careless/mean Mr. Jones sleeps to cure his hangover, the animals start to starve from no food being provided to
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