Summary Of George Washington's Farewell Address

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Before and during George Washington’s presidency, he felt as if he was unqualified for the job and in fact was worried about his presidency. Washington’s farewell address was meant to thank his audience and friends for support through his presidency even though he did not feel as he was the right person for the job. Headed for retirement, Washington penned the address to an audience to assure them that the new country would still prosper even without his leadership. It was meant to give his audience peace about his stepping-down and understanding that his retirement was made possible by an immense amount of supporters and friends who cared for the country.
The address was given during a time when the president of the country was not voted in but instead was selected. George Washington was a war hero and was a favored person by many in the country. Because of his incredible leadership skills and favor, he was chosen (not elected) to be president and lead the country.
Washington quickly gets to the point in his speech and addresses the fact that he will deny the request for another term. He believes that the country will do well without him and that someone else will take his place as a great leader. He makes
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In his address, George Washington was a huge advocate for education and the freedom to express one’s religion. George Washington grew up in a time when many people were religious. Due to this, Washington led with the belief that politicians should follow some type of religion that would keep them accountable. Washington wanted to understand that the country couldn’t function without the influence of a religion. He used the example of a man under oath and his ties to his religion. Washington believed that a man under oath could not be trusted without religion. “Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without
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