Summary: In An Adventure In Whaling By Gideon Defoe

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“The Pirate! In an adventure in an adventure in Whaling” Gideon Defoe The Orion Publishing Group, published in 2005 General Description: Gideon Defoe, the author of this book was born in 1975. He started writing about pirates to impress a girl. He lives in London and a famous writer about Pirates. This story is all about friendship between the two enemies. They are Pirate Captain and Black Bellamy. Through catching the White Whale, their friendship returns. The relationship between Pirate Captain and the rest of his crew tested in this story. This story is very nice to those person who like adventures. In this story, the adventures of Pirate Captain and his crew will make you inspire and think that all problems have a solution. When you…show more content…
** They are all happy because of getting that boat but still they are worry because they doesn’t know where to get 6000 dubloons. Pirate Captain saw a bird and they thought it was an albatross. The albatross bring a treasure map. One pirate goes down to get that map in the feet of albatross. He is hang around and covered by a chicken’s feather. The Pirate caught that bird and start reading the map along its feet. The letter came from Calico Jack, Pirates Captain teacher. They are all happy because they taught that it was really a treasure. When they arrived in that place, they saw the treasure chest in Calico Jack place. Inside of the Treasure Chest, they found a letter that cases them to stop and think. Chapter V **Satan’s fish ate us alive! ** Pirate Captain has an idea, they are all going to Las Vegas, the City of Dreaming Spites. They have three plans when they are in Las Vegas; to gamble, a thumb wrestling competition, and a show business. When they are in Las Vegas, they went to a Casino. They play a Spinning Wheel and second is the Slot Machine. They loss a few dubloons. Ahab is already there because some of the whalers told Ahab that the White Whale is already in Las…show more content…
The second boat they attacked is the boat full of children. Pirate Captain feel a little bit pity to those children and they must return to their mother. The last boat they plan to attacked is full of ivory and white gold. Pirate Captain saw a familiar face riding along this boat. It has a scar on his face and look like Ahab. Pirate Captain feel a little bit awkwardness in that situation. Chapter VIII **Damn you I say, Mr. Chesington! ** The Lovely Emma shoot the boat covered with ivory. Pirate Captain didn’t taught that it was Ahab is the captain of that boat. The cannonball did not take too much damaged to the boat. Pirate Captain invited Ahab to have a dinner in Lovely Emma to ask an apology about what happen. When they are all started eating, they discussed about the White Whale and what it was all about. Pirate Captain’s crew and Ahab pirates are talking about their experiences in the sea. The pirate with the red scarf thinks a very bad idea. He copy the voice of the white whale. Ahab taught that it was really the white whale but it’s not! The pirate who think that bad idea brought them some mash potatoes and told them all that it was a joke. Ahab has a big announcement to everybody. He decided to put a price whoever captures the white whale. The reward is 6000 dubloons. Chapter IX **I ride with the bandit King!

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