Summary Of Gideon Defoe The Pirate ! In An Adventure In An Adventure In Whaling

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“The Pirate! In an adventure in an adventure in Whaling” Gideon Defoe The Orion Publishing Group, published in 2005 General Description: Gideon Defoe, the author of this book was born in 1975. He started writing about pirates to impress a girl. He lives in London and a famous writer about Pirates. This story is all about friendship between the two enemies. They are Pirate Captain and Black Bellamy. Through catching the White Whale, their friendship returns. The relationship between Pirate Captain and the rest of his crew tested in this story. This story is very nice to those person who like adventures. In this story, the adventures of Pirate Captain and his crew will make you inspire and think that all problems have a solution. When you read the title, you may think that this story is full of suspense and action. But it’s not! This story is full of adventure, excitement and full of comedy. So what are you waiting for? Read this story below and make your own reflection. Chapter I **I Battled a Ton of Turtle** In the beginning of the story, the pirates have a two commotion. The first is the rags look like a seagull or a beautiful mermaid. The second is the pirates are discussing what clouds looked alike whether it taste more like a marshmallow or a meringue. One pirate compared a cloud like a stent oration nose with the bottle of grog next to it and they slapped their forehead because that was exactly the clouds look alike. Suddenly, there was a crack a shower of dust

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