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There are plenty of people in this world that are extremely intelligent and unbelievably ambitions and still aren’t worth billions. Success does not just rely upon an individuals ability. Unfortunately, it is a combination of so many different components. Those components are; getting the right opportunity, putting in the right amount of hours (10,000) and legacy or what ever drives an individual. Accidental elements of chance, like where or when one was born would be factors in contributing to opportunities that came ones way. Gladwell creates these points by using specific stories of individuals who have found success in their lives. Throughout the book there are two main implications, one being that when favorable circumstances come your…show more content…
In the book it talks about some of the wealthiest people, fourteen out of seventy-five of these people were born in America between 1860 -1870. The industrial revolution just started to grow, railroads were created and Wall Street just was beginning. The timing of being born during these changes allowed opportunities to reach these individuals that others born in 1855 were not susceptible to. The book also mentioned the same happening in Silicon Valley. Anyone who was the right age during this boom had more opportunities than others to find success. Also, in 1935 it stated there was about 600 thousand less births which ultimately lead more opportunities with education, sports ambitions and career opportunities. The timing of being born in 1935 was what allowed so many more opportunities than that of someone born earlier or later. Upbringing also gives someone more chances at success. The way one is brought up is even more important to future success than how smart an individual might be. Having parents that are involved and support you are the difference between making it and giving up. In the book Annette Lareau, a sociologist took a group of third graders and studied them. She found out that when parents were involved there was a huge difference that led the kid to be successful. The next factor that the author talks about is meaningful work. Having work that…show more content…
It takes an individual who is able to go after any opportunities that are presented to them. There is no short cut to success and one needs to be willing to put in the time needed. Opportunity shows up for some and not for others and it can be as simple as the day or year one was born. Timing is also vital to the opportunities one receives. Even with opportunities and the right timing if you don’t have involved parents or supportive parents you wont take advantage of these gifts correctly. Then comes the work... one has to have the determination and ability to work 10,000 hours at mastering their skill. If the person has to work part time you could imagine how much longer it would take to achieve success. Have work that is meaningful makes the difference of wanting to put in the hours or not. Lastly, our values play a significant role in how we act and without the right values we will never find the success

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