Summary Of Why Privacy Matters By Helen Greenwald

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Summary of Why Privacy Matters by Glenn Greenwald Collins Nuamah Prof. Ivonne Gonzalez CBY620 Compliance & Legal Issue 1/8/2018 In Greenwald speech he argued that privacy matters to everyone even to those who think they don’t need one. He believes that there is nothing wrong
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We all have things that we want to keep to our self and what we want to share especially on the social media. For example, not all the pictures on our cell phones has been shared on Instagram or Facebook some are kept private. I have more than 66 pictures in my Facebook account but only 8 of them are available to friends and family, the rest are kept private. The fact that I save them private does not mean I doing something bad or planning to do something bad, is in our nature as human not everything is put in public.
Greenwald argue that people who claim that they don’t value their privacy are somewhat hypocrites their actions negate the authenticity of that belief. he said that even those who have work tirelessly to eliminate our privacy apply different rules to themselves. Where he used Mark Zuckerberg as a perfect example.
“Last year, Mark Zuckerberg and his new wife purchased not only their own house but also all four adjacent houses in Palo Alto for a total of 30 million dollars in order to ensure that they enjoyed a zone of privacy that prevented other people from monitoring what they do in
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