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The Magazine in which this article was published is known as Ms. Magazine, and was co-created by Gloria Steinem as an insert of New York magazine in the early 70’s. it has been the voice of many feminists throughout the decades. In this article, Gloria Steinem calls to arms the feminists of today. She states that this era of feminism should not take up the mindset of “relax; feminism was their mothers’ movement.” (3) Her fear is, the women of the wave she was involved in will be rooted in the past, when they really need to be focused on the future. She stressed the fact that we need to be focused on fighting for the rights the feminists in the 60’s and 70’s fought so hard for. In Steinem’s first point, she addresses the inequality of the workforce and how women of color are doubly discriminated upon due to their race and their gender. She also brings up the topic of how the economic issues are not thought to be women’s issues and that perhaps if political parties and news sources were to look upon these issues as similar if not the same and call upon a solution to one they would find the solution for the other. She mentions that the main problem is that we need to revalue work and make it equal across the board. While addressing the issue of the value of women in the workforce, Steinem mentions the need to redefine it. One of the examples she uses id how caregivers; those who look after children and the elderly, take up “almost two-thirds of the adults in the U.S” and are

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