Summary Of Gloria Steinem's Our Revolution Has Just Begun?

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Phoebe Truong W S 201 January 26, 2018 Critical Analysis Paper Some people live their lives by going through the motions day after day. Some people may slowly realize that the world has changed when they see their kids, and their kids have completely different thoughts and habits than they did when they were at that same age. Many people have observed how the world has changed and how it is continually changing, for better or for worse. The article, “Our Revolution Has Just Begun,” by Gloria Steinem illustrates some examples of this. From this article, she addresses two important myths regarding feminism that still apply to society today. Along with these myths, Steinem included several key examples of how feminism still has a long way to go until complete equality is…show more content…
In the U.S., intersectionality is highly prevalent. For example, men with children have better chances of getting a job and receiving a larger compensation than women with children (Steinem 2014). The notion that men get paid more than women should not be new to anyone, and the idea that women with children are somehow less qualified than men with children is astonishing. This mindset may also support the glass ceiling issue that some women still face. Equal pay continues to be an ever-challenging uphill battle for women in the U.S. today. Steinem also pointed out how the death count of women by boyfriends or husbands is larger than several important events in our history combined (2014). Yet, as men hold more power than women do, some people associate these violent acts as the woman disobeying the man, and they think that this is how society is. This is also an example of the ideology that men are still superior to women in terms of
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