Summary Of Gordon Marino's Essay 'Do What You Love'

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“For The Benefit of Others”
“A Life Beyond, ‘Do What You Love’” written by Gordon Marino he speaks about how although a person should always love their work, most people do not get that luxury. He gives his audience anecdotes about people he counsels, his own father and of people he has heard stories about. Marino is an ethics counselor at St. Olaf College, a community volunteer, and an occupational counselor. Marino argues that a person should do what is best for society, or their families over what that person loves. He argues his point using anecdotes to appeal to the audiences’ emotions, he appeals to credibility with references from Dr. King, Miya Tokumitsu and Kant. Marino uses his own personal accomplishments such as his job description and his volunteer specification to appeal to authority. Marino’s use of these appeals strengthens his argument, which is a person should pursue something they love, or if they should think of the bigger picture, and those around them. Marino’s use of anecdotes to appeal to the audiences
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Marino’s use of anecdotes throughout his essay gives the audience some kind of insight into his own life by giving his audience little stories, even if they are just small ones. Marino proceeds later in the essay by giving an anecdote about his father and says, “My father didn’t do what he loved. He labored at a job he detested so that he could send his children to college. Was he just unenlightened and mistaken to put the well-being of others above his own personal interests?” (Page 2, Para. 2). He also gives the audience an anecdote about people in Minnesota that are most definitely not doing what they love by saying, “Kids on Northfield Minn., a city of 20,000, the theme is not “do what you love.” Most of them are
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