Summary Of Gun Designers: Samuel Colt And John Moses Browning

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Gun Designers: Samuel Colt and John Moses Browning
The designing of firearms is actually really complex because the designer, most well known as gunsmith has to know how dos the gun works. The gunsmith has knowledge about gun assembly, loading mechanisms, optical sights and safety options. A hand gun is composed of five main parts, trigger, chamber, action barrel and frame all of which cover a specific function for the firearm to work in perfection.
Samuel Colt, who invented the Colt revolver was very important figure in American history even though not many people know his history. His revolver was the first ever bought by the U.S. military army, and became very popular during the Mexican American war. The innovation and main difference from Colt’s revolver and other common revolvers was that his had a six bullet barrel that rotated after each shot, becoming the fastest shooting revolver at the time. This helped enormously the American forces to win the war.
Samuel Colt was born in 1814 in a wealthy family in Connecticut. At the age of 10, he left school to work for his father in his factory of silk and woolen products, but he returned to school only for leaving it again at the age of 14, when he decided to sail to Calcutta, India. While on the ship Colt came up with the idea of a six cylinder pistol, which would later give him prestige in
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The reason why his models are so distinguished is by the innovation and excellence in each piece. Browning brought many changes to the firearms world and developed mechanisms used in other industries. He also became a legend in the United States after the implementation of his rifles in World War II. Collaborating with other gun designers was very important for him, since he could also recognize other points of view and get feedback from their perspective. He always had in mind the teachings of his father and the ones his partners gave him throughout his

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