Summary Of Hanging Fire By Audre Lorde

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In the poem “Hanging Fire” by Audre Lorde we feel sympathy toward the speaker. “Hanging Fire” is about a fourteen year old girl who is going through a stage in her life that everyone goes through, which is puberty. Unlike most people she didn’t have someone there to guide her through this stage in her life. In addition, she didn’t get the support a girl needs from her mother when going through puberty. Throughout the poem she describes several insecurities she faces and how her mother is unapproachable. My reaction to this poem is that, I sympathize with the speaker because at this stage of a girl’s life, she needs someone to be there in order to help her with all the questions that will come and make her understand she shouldn’t feel insecure about the changes in her body. I feel pity for this teenage girl because it is evident that all she needs is the support from her mother and she doesn’t get it. For example, at the end of each stanza the author states, “and momma’s in the bedroom with the door closed.” The closed door symbolizes the separation there is between the mother and the child because the girl can’t get in to speak to her mother. I think that no mother should let their child go through puberty alone because this is when we start to question our body and things that happen to it. As…show more content…
In the poem, “Hanging Fire” by Audre Lorde we are shown how this teenage girl is going through this stage without being able to get the support she needs from her mother. In my opinion, when someone doesn’t have no one there with them it makes them grow feeling really insecure about themselves. Sometimes all we need is someone to be there for us to answer all these questions and to guide us through a stage that everyone goes through and that is very
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