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During the early 20th century, the United States was going through various drastic changes in a short period of time. The United States was swept away by an economic boom in the 1920's that was filled with promises of abundance and prosperity. This was the turn of the Glided Age, which witnesses the growth of tremendous fortunes and industrial capacity amid economic uncertainty and the advent of the modern America. Turning point for the United States because it resulted in becoming a global consumer power. The mass-production and mass-consumption flourished during this time period and as a result, it was the result of the Urbanization if the United States. However, this economic growth came to an end in 1929 when the stock market crashes, resulting in billions of dollars to evaporate. The roaring 20's twenties were met with the great depression. The 1930's was a challenging time in American history. Not only was this the time of the great Depression but also the Dust Bowl that occurred in the Central Plains, which caused large numbers of Americans to evacuate which led millions of refugees to move to California to look for work. The book Harvest Gypsies…show more content…
For instance, article 2 discusses the animal-like working conditions of the workers, describing the "squatter camps" and the inhumane conditions these rants are forced to endure. He talked about the loss of dignity but the spark of hope the new comers brings with them unknowing what instore for them. The are says it the "spirit and decenty" that will hold onto the little dignity and social grace that is left (27). So much has been stripped away from the worker such as hygiene and basically basic human rights. They are no longer treated as human as this point but as disposable objects. They have been gutted away of what made them Americans and most of all human. They have been starved and sick so many times it has become a
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