Summary Of Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

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Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen, has 195 pages and 19 chapters. A thirteen year old boy named Brian Robeson was on a plane to see his father in Canada. The only other person on the plane was the pilot. Since he was the only other person on the plane, the pilot showed him how to use the controls. The pilot suddenly started to have a heart attack in the middle of the flight and soon died. Since the pilot taught him, Brian flew the plane. He also tried to call for help, until the plane ran out of fuel and crashed. He had crashed in a lake that was in the middle of the Canadian wilderness and managed to survive the crash. Now, Brian had to learn how to survive. It took all his knowledge and strength to survive this terrible disaster. Once Brian recovered…show more content…
It was difficult for him because he had no matches. Eventually, he succeeded when he learnt how to correctly strike a stone with his hatchet to ignite sparks that were used to make fire. Then he found some turtle eggs. He took them and ate some because he was so desperate for something to eat. He wanted to save the rest of the eggs for later, so he hid them under ground. One day, a plane flew overhead, but didn’t see Brian. So this left him hopeless and depressed. He attempted suicide, by cutting himself with his hatchet, but he survived. After he survived his suicide attempt, he felt himself change. He even referred to the transformation by saying the traits of the “new” Brian and the “old” Brian. Soon, Brian caught his first fish with the tools that he made. He enjoyed the fish feast, but a skunk entered his shelter that night. He yelled at the skunk and it sprayed him. He was temporarily blinded and was covered in a horrible stench. Next, he caught a foolbird. The foolbird was his first meat. Then while, he was cleaning the bird in the water, a moose attacked Brian. The moose injured his ribs and his shoulder. Soon after this a tornado took place. It ruined Brian’s
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