Summary Of Henry James's The Turn Of The Screw

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In The Turn of the Screw Henry James writes a captivating story about a governess, housekeeper, brother, sister, and the two ghosts that haunt them. In the novella the governess joins the housekeeper, Mrs. Grose, at Bly in order to help take care of the children, Flora and Miles, because their parents are deceased. The story is kept very ambiguous and left up to the reader to come to an assumption about the events that occur. It is told around a campfire by means of the governess’ own account of the events through her manuscript which were given to her friend before her passing. Soon after she arrived at Bly the governess begins to see the ghosts of the recently deceased employees and she believes the others can see them as well. The story then follows the series of events that ensue and the governess’s attempt to protect the children. The governess, along with Miltes, is sane and can see the ghosts at Bly whereas Mrs. Grose and Flora cannot.
The governess is sane and able to see the ghost at Bly. In the beginning the governess sees the same man at Bly for a second time and describes him to Mrs. Grose saying “He has red hair, very red, close curling, and a pale face, long in shape, with straight good features and a little rather queer whiskers that are as red as his hair” (James 23). She then continues on to describe more of his features as well as his clothing choice. Even though the governess is new to Bly she is able to give a descriptive account of his appearance despite

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