Summary Of Henry Jefferson's Life Was Great

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From a young age, Henry knew he was destined for greatness. Henry was born to a black slave couple in Harlem in upstate Chicago. Henry’s early years weren't so bad. By the time he was 13, he was finally able to count to ten. Depending on the day, he could even sing the alphabet. Like most black youth in his town, Henry joined a gang in order to get his props. Henry and his gang ran the streets of Harlem with an iron fist. He was kicking it with his main homie, Jefferson. Henry was living life like a champ. Nobody ever tried crossing him up him and Jefferson. The people were smart enough not to mess with him and his unnamed gang. Life was great. Or was it? Indeed life was great. Everything was good. Then one day, he was in the basement of his crib. He heard something upstairs. He didn’t think much of it. All of a sudden ninjas stormed down. He killed 3 of them and escaped through the window. The Japanese launched a surprise attack on Henry and his hood, killing his parents and Jefferson instantly. His parents were just on the verge of curing cancer. Jefferson was favored to be mayor of his hood. Henry had to get revenge, being the only survivor.…show more content…
He couldn’t sleep until he got the revenge he needed. He couldn’t join the military because Martin Luther King jr wasn’t born yet. He found a new Homie to run with. He came from the backstreets of Detroit. His name was Tyrone. Henry and his new partner Tyrone planned the deadliest attack in history. The attack needed to be lethal. Lethal the attack was. Henry and Tyrone snuck into the Japanese military base in Tokyo. They made it through the first layer of defense, killing 30 samurais in the process. Tyrone was stopped short by being stabbed in the back by a high-class ninja. Henry fought killing countless more ninja and samurai with his iron fist. He fought until he came face to face with the emperor of Japan, Emperor Maximoto. “Now you're going to pay,” yelled
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