Summary Of Herman Hesse's Siddharta

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Our life was put in the labyrinthine mazes of suffering but we can pass through those detours by accepting things in our salvation and face the day without blocking the daylight. We made our own adventures of joy and pain but the catch is it might create a force that we don’t know much impact it might create back. Herman Hesse shows us his book Siddharta which comprises making life choices on our daily existence that made us swerve on a path that we never knew existed.
The motivation of Herman Hesse to write Siddharta is his connection with the Indian culture and philosophy. Most of his relatives were conducting their missionaries concerning religion in the India for several years. They gave high certain degree of respect in the Indian religions
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And also, through your own mistake by dwelling on your own choices by taking a path in which you think that you could make a progress to achieve enlightenment or the inner bliss. The book also shows us how human life fulfills his emptiness by self-realization. The main characters were Siddharta, Govinda, Samana, Buddha, Kamala, Kamaswami, and Vasudeva. Siddharta is the son of Brahman which always seeks for learning and known for his quick learning ability. He took different paths with the Samanas together with his friend Govinda and learned the way of meditation which the world is not a mere illusion but an appearance of reality. With the Samanas, Siddharta practiced fasting and endure sufferings. They examined their progress to achieve enlightenment but Siddharta didn’t satisfy with Samana’s teachings and shift the cosmos to learn from the other master who is Gotama which is known for his “enlightened one.” Siddharta heard many rumors about Gotama that he might seek enlightenment to him but Siddharta noticed Gotama’s teachings which explained that the only way to achieve enlightenment was to hear lessons from his teachings which made Siddharta erupted to the other path
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