Summary Of Hernando Tellez's Breaking The Barrier

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Hernando Tellez allures the reader into the short story by using a setting. The setting creates an interesting image for the reader , a small Barber shop where the story unfolds into a tense and a very awkward shop Despite his good introduction,Hernando failed to present the main characters as he intended to. Tellez tried to emphasise that there are difference in the personalities of the main characters. As he intended to present the barber as the weak character and the captain as the strong and brave party. However, Though Captain Torres and the barber are mortal enemies , they both have similar character traits. First, both are very serious about their work. Captain Torres has just spent four days hunting down rebels, and after he finishes his shave, he will execute them for the whole town to see.…show more content…
Thus,the barber clearly indicated that killing the captain would sully his reputation and eliminate his respectability.The barber believes that murder is wrong because it goes against in what he believes in . The barber describes himself as a person of revolutionary but not a murderer. He went further to clearly states his point of view as a revolutionary with values when he said, “No one deserve to have someone else make the sacrifice of becoming a murderer.” Hernando was able to draw the reader further in the short story. The conflict is very detailed and elusive it's hard to tell what will happen to these two characters, what is their story, where are they coming from, and these are the questions and conflicts that the reader is trying to answer which draws you further and further into the short story. It is hard to know what the author is trying to explain, but there is always a little bit of suspense. The barber needed to make a decision either to stand for his value or to take a revenge and kill the captain. And These are the question we

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