Highschool Tension Analysis

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The protagonist of Highschool Possession, Hikaru, is just an ordinary student who is fortunate enough to know two of the most beautiful girls in school. He also has a crush on both girls, but are not sure how they feel about him. This all changes one day when Hikaru falls asleep after a terrible headache and wakes up to the fact that his conscience keeps shifting between the bodies of his two crushes. While inhabiting their bodies Hikaru discovers that their lives are not as problem free as he had imagined and so he sets out to try and help them overcome their demons. Highschool Possession features a very interesting premise for a visual novel, but because it is such a short game it doesn’t really make full use of the scenario. Hikaru continually…show more content…
The girls look very attractive and the backgrounds are quite detailed, but the game doesn’t feature a lot of locations. The amount of CGs available is also rather low. In addition, the choice for blue text with white borders for all the dialogue in the game is rather questionable as it is not very easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, Highschool Possession does not feature any type of voice acting for any of the characters either. At least the soundtrack is decent enough and features a selection of good tunes. With only two good endings and two bad ones it doesn’t take very long to experience everything that Highschool Possession has to offer. Newcomers to the genre will find it enjoyable enough, but there is not much here that veterans won’t have seen before. If the story and characters were more fleshed out it could have been a great game, but as it is Highschool Possession feels a bit average compared to other titles in the genre. Highschool Possession tells the tale of a student named Hikaru who one day finds his conscience mysteriously alternating between the bodies of two girls in his school. It is an interesting premise, but due to the short length of the game not a lot of time is spent on fleshing it out more. While the art and audio is decent enough the story could definitely have benefited from a bit more work. Gameplay: The basic story is quite interesting, but due to its short length a lot
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