Summary Of Hills Like White Elephants

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For this assignment, I chose to do a compare and contrast paper based on the two short stories I 've selected, “The Jewelry” and “Hills Like White Elephants”. The two stories share some similarities as well as being complete opposites when it comes to certain matters. First off here 's a short summary for “The Jewelry”. The story is about the main character, Mr. Lantin, is a widower who reminisce about the times he had with his late wife who passed away due to pneumonia. Due to being unable to live comfortably and being in debt, Mr. Lantin has no other choice but to sell his wife 's jewelry. But the twist in the story is that it seems as if Madam Lantin was living a double life as Mr. Lantin finds out later on. Satisfied with this great fortune he received from selling his former wife 's jewelry, Mr. Lantin gets remarried for a second time but this time it is said that Mr. Lantin 's current wife is the total opposite of the first wife which many can come to the conclusion that money can 't buy you happiness and if being happy by dishonest values is worth the financial gains or if the unhappiness from honest values is worth the pain.…show more content…
(Baccellia, 2007) The second story is about a woman named Jig and a nameless American man waiting in Barcelona for a train trip to Madrid. Assuming that the man involved in this story is Jig 's boyfriend or husband due to their interactions with one another, the two discussed the possibility of abortion, which leads to Jig describing the two hills she sees while waiting for the train as white elephants. The meaning of the hills looking like white elephants is that Jig is debating if the abortion procedure is the best decision. Almost like she has something precious that she has to get rid of. In the end, Jig decides to go through with the operation but as the story closes we 're left without knowing what happens next for the couple 's future and how this crucial decision will affect the two later on down the road.
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