Summary Of Hitler's Escape

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Another testament to Hitler 's death in the bunker a testimony of Hitler 's chief of security. A man named Heinz Linge. He tells the story of how he found Hitler dead in the bunker. The way he tells the story sounds a little something like this. First he told his driver to get the gas as said before. That was step one. Step two was that he told his personal cabin that he wanted to be cremated after he was to die. After that Linge walked Hitler and Braun to the Fhurue 's personal wing of the bunker. Hitler ordered to not be disturbed. The chief, doing his job, followed that order and left them unatended so that he could stand guard. Several minutes ticked by and then Linge heard a single gunshot. Even more time went by and then Linge went…show more content…
As said before. There are some that think that Hitler didn 't die. There are those who think that Hitler 's death was a story. Just a little something to keep the Allies off his trail while he hid away in argentena. He took a Uboat out of Germany and sailed to Argentena where he lived out the rest of his days off the radar in a secret underground Bunker. At least those are the thoughts of the authors of the book "Hitler 's Escape" H.D. Baumann and Ron T. Hansig. In this book, Baumann and Hansig talk about how Hitler flew out of Berlin while the Red army was attacking it, during a storm, and then spent 3 years living in a monastery in Spain. After that, he took a U-boat to Argentina. Where he lived in an underground bunker. The flaw in their argument, they only have one piece of appropriate evidence. They only thing they have that might be a reasonable peace of evidence is a letter sent to J Edgar Hoover, the FBI director at the time, saying that they never found a body so they can 't 100% dismiss the idea of Hitler 's escape. Admittedly, a body would be the best peice of evidence that both sides don 't have. If there was a body that would be the nail in the coffin of proving that he had died. But we have the next best thing, testimonies, and logic. According to Bauman and Hansig, Hitler got in a U-boat that wasn 't recovered after the war 3 years later. The flaw in that argument, there were 43 U-boats missing. So the fact that U-boats were missing isn 't proof that Hitler escaped. He wouldn 't have needed 43 subs. He would have needed one and only one. As for living in Argentina. As this paper points out, Hitler was psychoanalyzed as a paranoid person. He felt unsafe in Germany with men standing guard 24/7. He wouldn 't last on the run, looking over his shoulder living in a country that Americans could get into no problem. Also, Hitler had to have died because he never used an escape plan. Hitler right hand man Josef Goebbels told Hitler that he thought
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