Summary Of How Do I Love Thee By Elizabeth Browning

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Do you have a heart? One of Elizabeth Browning best love poems is “How Do I Love Thee.” This poem is a sonnet that expresses someone wanting the world to know how much love they have for someone before death occurs. Even though, there isn’t any specific gender in the poem. I do personally believe that the speaker had written a poem about her lovely husband before her death. However, I’ll be explaining the most important lines that express the most love and breaking down the phrases to understand how it is used in the poem. It is difficult to speak to a person you love so much one last time. Before I Close My Eyes: “How I Do Love Thee” “Let me count the ways”. (Browning, 1850, Line 1). The love is so powerful; everyone that is surrounded feels the love. “Count the ways” to love someone is fascinating. This phrase is used to count the types of love. Throughout the poem; the speaker was counting down the ways to love someone. She wanted to speak on the love someone shares with someone else who is dying. However, Browning was portraying reasons why she loved her husband. I love you is more than four little words, especially if this is your last words. “Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light”. (Browning, 1850, Line…show more content…
It is difficult to speak a person you love some much. Even though, the poem analysis is presented in line 14, there are still some other lines that express love throughout the poem. First, I have discussed the reasons why the speaker is counting the ways she loves her husband before death. Second, I have discussed the way how the speaker compares the sun and candle-light to the continuous love she needs from her husband every day. Third, I have discussed how the speaker had used the connection between Christianity and love. And then last, I have discussed the ways the speaker is expressing the love she has for her after death occurs. Just remember, love never
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