Summary Of 'How It All Goes Down-Rachel'

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This chapter is about “How it all goes down-Rachel” and it takes place on July 5, 2013 happing in England. Here, Rachel looks out of the train’s window. A lot is going inside her head concerning the past events like the first holiday with Tom. Even in the evening, Rachel remembers a lot about Jason and Jess. During the evening, Rachel feels sweaty and hot and gross. She feels puffy for having drunk. Tom tells Rachel to stop bugging him with constant calls. Chapter 2 Summary This chapter talks about Megan. Megan is listening to a train and she imagines that she is elsewhere. In that evening, Megan is on her terrace when she gets to hear some screaming from down the street. Megan lies to Tom and Anna when she tells them that she has found another…show more content…
Here, we get to know that Megan is still seeking counseling from Kamal, the therapist where she narrates about her past. She talks about the death of her brother, Ben. Scott learns about the past of Megan and they engage in a big fight especially concerning the issue of Mac. Megan takes a nap that afternoon where she dreams of Scott leaving in the middle of the night. She wakes up and waits for him. Chapter 7 Summary The chapter is about Rachel where we learn that she is going to Witney where Megan got lost, instead of going to London. Rachel hopes to get Megan there. She gets worried of Scott since the police may obviously suspect him but she just assumes people will not know about her secret boyfriend. Rachel recalls the past events where she used to drink, for instance, she recalls a red-haired man picking her at the stairs. Getting off the train, Rachel proceeds home feeling bad about herself. Chapter 8 Summary The chapter is about Megan and at this time it is one month since we last saw her. Here, Megan is in a motel, Swan, with a man whose name we can’t tell and the two are having an affair. The two plans of proceeding for a vacation in a beach in Sicily, Thailand. Here Megan narrates her past to this man. Megan feels guilty to an extent of crying when the following morning her husband tells her “I love you” (8.16). Chapter 9
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