The Hundred Foot Journey Summary

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The Hundred-Foot Journey is a novel written by Richard C.Morais. The story is about the two restaurants, Indian restaurant and the other is French restaurant which represents the various foods in different cultures with multiple desires. In this story the narrator highlights the two restaurants and rivalry of those restaurants, the way Hassan Haji 's father fights with the Madame Mallory. Hassan 's father always had the negative feeling about Madame Mallory. She is very particular about her restaurant and spares no one if she gets any kind of competition with her restaurant. Madame Mallory is always cunning until unless Hassan enters in her life, then everything changes. There will be a good days for Madame Mallory and also to Hassan Haji.…show more content…
When papa agreed to Hassan working as a chef in the Madame Mallory restaurant, he came across many situations and he begins his training which involves everything except cooking . He used to take a day off on Monday and go home to visit his family. Hassan became professional in making oyster dish and Mallory says when the time comes then I will allow you to make that dish. One day Madame Mallory gives Hassan a task of making a meat dishes with hare. He then mixes some French flavours of white wine and garlic with the Indian flavours of yogurt and cucumber and finally prepares the dish, in which Mallory will be impressed. Like this way Hassan used to learn news dishes and keeps on impressing Mallory with different varieties of food. After receiving 2nd star to the Mallory restaurant with the help of Hassan, Mallory thinks that Hassan has a lot talent and if he goes to Paris he can learn more and become better and thinks that he will have a great future. Hassan will be moved to Paris and starts working in a restaurant named La Gavroche where he works under Pierre Berri who is a distinct relation to Madame Mallory. After learning and working in that restaurant for five years, Hassan will be named as the chef of La Belle Cluny, where he stays for four years who will be under the new boss Mark Rossier who is very strict and he
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