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Yes You Are to Blame. A Response to Rivers Solomon Diabetes can be life changing. In the The New York Times essay “I Have Diabetes. Am I to Blame?” Rivers Solomon, a novelist, writes about her personal experience with diabetes and how it was life changing. Solomon has type two diabetes, and has had diabetes for six years. She talks about how her life has changed and the different things she has to do everyday. Diabetes is very serious and should not be left untreated. I agree with Solomon that she needs to change her bad habits but without dedication nothing will change. Solomon talked about the things she has to do everyday because she has diabetes: like taking insulin and getting her blood tested. She has to watch what she eats because she can not have a lot of sugar and she has to choose foods that are healthier for her. Solomon states, “I will make a shopping list full of foods I'm not particularly fond of” (Solomon). She may not want to change the food she eats but she will have to, to…show more content…
Diabetes needs to be treated as soon as possible because it can be life threatening. Having diabetes can be a difficult thing to go through. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes you have to completely change your eating and exercising habits. It takes willpower and dedication to change the bad habits so the diabetes do not become as severe. Completely changing your daily routine is difficult especially when your daily habits have been happening for many years. I think Solomon wants to change her habits to make her diabetes less severe but she can not change her daily routine long enough for it to happen. If she were to gain more willpower she would be in less pain because she wouldn't have to take as much insulin and she would not have to get her blood tested as much. It is important for people to know that they can change their daily habits to make yourself better, it just takes

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