Analysis Of In Search Of Our Mother's Garden By Alice Walker

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Alice Walker, the author of an essay “In Search of Our Mother’s Garden”, is a famous American writer and activist. She speaks for the rights of people and helps the offended while supporting revolutionists and leaders whom she considers to be bringing change to the world and seek for its transformation. Her essay, “In Search of Our Mother’s Garden”, dedicated to the struggle of African American women, is based on the feminist insights of the author. Based on her own experience, the experience of others, and the historical events, the author reveals the topic of the suppressed talent of African American women, of their lost artistic skills resulting from slavery and the imposed on them role. However, Walker point out that somehow the dark past has not completely damaged the creative power of the mothers and grandmothers since it has manifested itself in the small things they did for the people they loved.
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Moreover, she believes that this way of expression of the mothers ' artistic resulted in their children 's aspiration to self-expression. Coming at the end of her essay to the conclusion that mothers might appear responsible for the achievements of their children, Walker points out that the older generations of women have highly contributed to the modern situation and the freedom in terms of artistic activities and self-expression that the African Americans have nowadays. Having come through the hardships of the poor life and observing the reflections of their mothers ' creativity, women nowadays tend to be able to open, identify, and develop their skills and talents. As the author states, searching for her mother 's garden, she has found her own. Moreover, the influences of the previous generations of women on the current situation is recognized by the author when she refers to the heritage of the preceding

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