Summary Of In The Simple Gift By Steven Herrick

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In the simple gift, author Steven Herrick explores themes that varies between classes, stereotypes, belonging and identity. It is a young adult fiction verse series which was published in 2000. It is based in Australia. The novels structure is diverse as it tells the story in detail but in a brief way, there are three protagonists Old Bill, Caitlin and the main, Billy. It follows his life, a neglected 16 year old male that trades his fathers no good home and the tediousness of high school to become homeless. On this adventure he experiences finding his true friends, father figure and girlfriend. The simple gift that has been implied in the book is friendship and a sense of belonging.
The structure is different to every other book as it is a verse novel, and it’s broken down in chapters. Each chapter is three to five pages long, it goes more in depth and helps the viewers look through the eyes of the three protagonists. The text allows the reader
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It gives a clear imagine of Billy’s current surrounding. The metaphor “Caitlin at the centre and me a badly dressed satellite spinning crazily in her orbit”-page 85, this indicates that there is a strong “pull” of attraction between the two and that she is a big part of his world and he feels that he has finally found someone that finally cares about him. “Bouncy, shiny, clean hair and her skin was pale and clear.”- Page 46 billy. This gives the readers a clear image of Caitlin’s appearance. “I love the flow of cold clear water over the rocks and the wattles on the bank and the lizard’s sunbaking, heads up, listening to everything.” A metaphor is used to emphasise billy’s positive feelings towards the beautiful nature he has come
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